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Coracle Building

A unique way of having fun on the lake. Guaranteed fun, guaranteed to get wet!


Coracle Building overview

Coracle building is our take on the classic 'raft building' session. You will be given the materials to build your own coracle. Pipes, tape and a plastic sheet are all you need to make a coracle which will hold you and your friends weight. Once built you'll float your vessel and complete a short obstacle course.

We can not guarantee you'll stay dry, but we can guarantee you'll have loads of laughs!

Our Coracle building sessions can take place anywhere but mostly they will be on Derwentwater, Keswick or Ullswater.

Who is Coracle Building for?

A perfect family or group activity. Everyone takes part and will be invovled in building the vessel, everyone can have a go in trying to stay dry whilst it's afloat. Challenges and races can be set up to make the activity a bit more of a competition.

DURATION: Upto 3 hours. 09:30 - 12:30 or 13:30 - 16:30
YOUNGEST AGE: Minimum 8 years
INCLUDED: Buoyancy Aids, windproof jacket, cporacle building kit and paddles.
YOU'LL NEED: Shoes to get wet or wellies, warm outdoor clothes, full waterproofs and a change of clothes

COST: £25 per person (inc.VAT)
Min. CHARGE £100 for up to 4 people (inc. VAT)
discounts may apply for larger groups.
For smaller numbers, please contact us.

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