Outdoor Activities in the Lake District for Schools and Groups

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Inspiring activities in one of the UK’s best adventure playgrounds.

Young people of all ages benefit from real life ‘hands on’ experiences; when they can see, hear, touch and explore the world around them and have opportunities to experience challenge and adventure
Council for Learning Outside the Classroom website

Learning Outside The Classroom

At The Adventure Element Ltd we believe that young people learn most effectively when activities are both enjoyable and challenging, and when they are chosen to match the needs of individuals and the intended outcomes. Our courses are based on the experiential learning process using a range of outdoor activities set in the inspirational landscape of the Lake District.

We use real, adventurous activities and carefully balance the risks and benefits to provide powerful learning experiences that:

  • Raising self esteem and personal confidence
  • Promoting teamwork through the outdoor experience
  • Developing a love and understanding of the outdoors
  • Promoting tolerance, respect and co-operative attitudes

“Education in its broadest sense is not just about delivering a curriculum. It is about giving children the chance to extend their life skills. It is about developing their confidence. It is about fostering their resilience and sense of responsibility. And – let us not forget – it is about the enjoyment, engagement and excitement of venturing out into the real world, with all its capacity for uncertainty, surprise, stimulation and delight”.
Nothing Ventured – published by The English Outdoor Council

The Experience

Our instructors are expert educators. They have the skills, maturity and experience to both support and challenge young people, whether in social time or up a mountain. In addition to undertaking exciting and challenging activities, we believe in immersing young people as deeply as possible in the natural environment.

Whilst the immediate goal is for participants to become more effective in their learning, we believe the skills developed during our course have a long lasting effect and can make changes for life.

We are proud of the personal and flexible approach we have with all of our clients. We work with you to design a programme of activities that suits every young person on the course. Several of our regular school groups blend a mixture of The Adventure Element activities with environmental study, geography fieldwork or sightseeing facilitated by the schools’ own staff.