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3-Day Scottish Winter Skills

3-Day Winter Skills Course

Develop in-depth knowledge and skills needed to move about the mountains in winter conditions.

Winter Skills 3-Day course

Winter Walking

This course incorporates the key skills featured in the Scottish Winter Skills 2-Day course and adds additional techniques essential for safe guarding yourself in the mountain environment.

Whilst further developing your existing winter skills, you will be taught winter route selection and develop your winter navigation strategies for bad weather or at night. In addition, you will explore avalanche awareness techniques and gain the skills for using a rope in an emergency situation such as simple belay construction and basic rope management and shelter building.

Day 3 of the course will be a mountain journey day offering the opportunity to use some or all of your new skills.

Who is the Winter Skills 3-Day course for?
This is the ultimate course for developing and learning new winter skills. Ideally you will already have had some winter skill experience and be a confident summer hill walker in order to benefit fully from the teaching sessions. However, this course is also suitable for those with out previous winter experience. This is a very physical course with multiple days on the hill, so be prepared!

Duration: 3 - Days
Ratio: 1:6 (min.2 clients for the course to run)
What's Provided:

  • Free use of crampons
  • Walking axe and Helmet
  • Maps and compass
  • Ropes and any technical equipment required
  • Free transport from Aviemore is available during the course

Course Content

  • Selecting equipment and clothing for winter
  • Developing efficient footwork
  • Use of ice axe
  • Use of crampons/ movement techniques
  • Avalanche awareness and avoidance
  • Introduction to winter weather and winter navigation
  • Managing safety on steep ground 
  • Planning a day out in winter / Route choice in winter conditions
  • Constructing emergency snow shelters and emergency procedures

 The 3rd day of the course participants will have the opportunity to plan and partake in a typical mountain journey. This gives the opportunity to consolidate the skills learnt and developed in the first 2 days of the course.

In the evenings we usually meet for an informal lecture to support the information given during the day.  Typical topics include avalanche avoidance, cold injuries and hypothermia, emergency winter shelters or further training on winter navigation.
9th February - 11th February 2019   

Aviemore and the Cairngorm area.

We ask that participants ideally arrive the evening before the course starts.
Accommodation is not provided in the price of the course.



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