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REVIEW - Team colour rain covers


Sometimes simplicity is the best solution.

You sit, you wait. Over the horizon you see silhouettes of people. Could this be the Duke of Edinburgh's Award group you have been waiting for? For a moment your spirits are lifted from that feeling of anxiety from waiting for so long.

Is it them though?
Do they have rucksacks on?
Is it the right amount of people?

You're waiting for a team of 5 but the silhouettes look like a larger team. They are just a little too far away to be sure that its one of your teams. Having sat for what feels like hours on the cold hill side, you grab the binoculars, peering hopefully at the horizon wishing this to be them. Their darken bodies are camouflaged against the shadows of the mountain side so you still can't be 100% sure.

After watching the group of walkers appear and then disappear again behind smaller hills and knolls, they are finally close enough to be able to see them clearly. Again, your spirits sink and the anxiety returns. It wasn't them.

Whilst being on the hill as part of your job is amazing, you secretly hope that they will arrive soon.


As a DofE supervisor, assessor and an AAP this is a scenario we have played out hundreds of times.  For many DofE supervisors and assessors its a common problem.

We want to give our groups, especially at gold level, the independence and responsibility to complete their expedition with out interference. Ideally, only interacting with them when absolutely essential but still maintain a high level of supervision, safety and security.

It's our duty to keep teams safe and to supervise them correctly. This simple product from Access Expeditions has changed the way we are able to supervise our DofE teams and improved efficiency.

Endurance Team Colour Raincovers

It's a simple solution to a common problem. Simply by having colour coded rain cover for each team member, we can now identify teams easily from a distance both on the mountain and in more populated areas. In addition the covers improve the waterproofing of the rucksack which can help maintain the dryness of the participants kit. Everyone wins!


Here is how the 'Endurance Team Colour Raincovers' have helped us:


Our policy is that one supervisor take responsibility for a maximum of 2 teams. With each team using a different colour, our supervisors are now able to easily identify their teams from a distance. This has reduced the amount of time they have to wait for a team to peer over the horizon and reduced the uncertainty of whether its their team or not.

Through binoculars it can be easy to identify teams high on a hill side kilometres away, whilst the supervisor may be on the opposite side of the valley. Even in built up areas or in woods where visibility is more difficult, the bright colours of the rain covers really stands out.

Safety and Peace of mind

Supervisors are able to identify teams more often and plot their progress with ease. It allows the supervisor to leave the team alone and not interfere with their expedition unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, we have found an increased level of safety when teams are walking near to or alongside a road. The bright colours stand out to alert drivers

Team Identity

The feedback we have received from our teams and groups is that they love the identity the colour gives them. Every one looking the same gives the increased feeling they are sharing in a team experience. Along with other products from the Endurance range from Access Expeditions, expedition organisers can completely colour code the teams with stove bags and identlty lables on tents.

The way in which we use this features is to have all of our paper work and all equipment allocated to that team marked and tagged with the same colour.  Simplicity and efficiency at its best.

Final note:

We really like this product and are impressed by how a simple solution has helped to fix a common problem. Our business is about keeping young people safe and running efficient and successful Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expeditions. With just a little investment, this product is helping us to achieve these goals.

To kit a whole team of 7 participants with this product is only £59! That is cheap when it helps so much.

Your Expedition in Safe Hands

Thursday 12th of January 2017

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