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Worldwide Expeditions & Treks

‘Everyone wants to live on the top of a mountain but happiness and growth occur whilst climbing it.’

Expeditions Overview

We firmly believe in the power of international expeditions and travel as an enriching and powerful experience.  Choosing to climb a significant peak takes commitment and determination, our expeditions allow you to focus on your goal while we take care of the every day logistics and organisation. Our expert and esteemed staff team are there for you and to assist you in reaching your summit. We partner with distinguished in-country agencies to ensure all of our trips receive the finest of services. 

Our Expedition History

The Adventure Element has a long history of being involved in the adventure, travel and expedition industry. At 18 years old, Ben Keen our Managing Director took his first overseas experience when he worked in France for a summer season. With a new love for cultural difference and challenge he went on to grow his passion by travelling extensively and leading expeditions to a variety of destinations across the globe.

The company is now focused on of making expeditions more enjoyable and openly accessible to a wider variety of outdoor adventurers by providing a first class service for small groups. We offer a personal approach which is delivered by esteemed expedition leaders and guides.

 Our small, but finely honed and diverse list of expeditions is testament to our passion for world travel and challenge.


Knowledge and Expertise

The Adventure Element thrives on success. This is evidenced in our client satisafcation, safety record and continued growth. We firmly believe that the success of your experience with us is based on the accumalitive expertise with in the company. Each of our trips are carefully planned with recce visits and meetings with in-coutry agencies. This ensures that you will recieve the very best services.

Our guides and leaders make the difference between us and competitors. Each are chosen for their knowledge and expertise. They have all travelled extensively and have visited the countries they are leading your trip in.

The Adventure Element staff are mountaineers, instructors and cultural enthusiasts. Climbing and trekking around the globe and on every continent fully encompasses their expertise. Their passion and knowledge of different cultures is contagious, and will add to the already profound richness of your expedition. We are confident that our expertise is unsurpassed. Our familiarity with the regions we visit, combined with our expertise and knowledge around the world, lend a depth to every expedition that we feel is unrivaled.

Safety Record

Our safety record stands as one of the finest in the industry. This is not simply a promotional statement but a testament to our conservative nature when it comes to decision-making. While expeditions and adventures have an inherent risks, our route planning, camp selection, instruction and leadership starts with a concern for the well-being of all involved. When making decisions and organising trips and adventures, avoiding injury and sickness is our primary focus. At each program’s conclusion, our stafety management system is reviewed and updated.


Amazing staff are the key to the success of our programmes. Each staff member is a keen outdoor enthusiast and a full time professional instructor. They are full of knowledge and passion for the outdoors, it’s hard not to be motivated by their enthusiasm.

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Everything at The Adventure Element Ltd is focused on your success and a personal approach. We are confident that:

Your Expedition is in Safe Hands’