COVID-19 Flexible Booking Policy

You may be desperate to have something your diary to look forward to, but feel this is not the time to be booking your next adventure. We get it! Thats why we have introduced a new Flexible Booking Policy which is available for all of our programmes. The policy is designed to give you more control of your booking and to offer additional confidence that your money is safe.

We're giving you the control.

COVID-19 Flexible Booking Policy

Outlined below are some likely scenarios where a participant's booking may be effected by COVID-19 

  • Due to National or Local Lockdown, your programme is cancelled / postponed
  • Tested positive for COVID-19
  • Have symptoms of COVID-19
  • Have been asked to self isolate by the governments Test and Trace system
  • No longer want to join the programme due to their own concerns over COVID-19, but the Programme is confirmed to run.

In these scenarios, participants will be offered the following options:

  1. Free date changes to an advertised date within the 2022 operational season.
  2. Option to place the booking 'On-hold' for free. The 'On-hold' booking will be valid until 31st October 2022 and held at 2021 prices. Perfect if participant does not know when they'll be available yet but would like to reschedule. Payments can be used against any of The Adventure Element programmes, should they choose to change to an alternative activity.

If participant chooses not to accept either of options 1 or 2, and wish to completely cancel the booking, the following will apply:

  • If booking is cancelled / postponed by The Adventure Element Ltd due to national or local lockdown.
    Full refund. Refunds will be processed within 14-days of the cancellation.
  • Programme is confirmed to run by The Adventure Element Ltd, but the cancellation is due to the participant's own concerns over COVID-19.
    a) If notified more than 2 weeks before the programme start date, participant will be entitled to a refund minus the 25% deposit. The 25% deposit will be placed as credit against your account and is valid for use against any The Adventure Element Ltd product until 31st October 2022. All refunds will be made within 14 days.
    b) If notified within 2 weeks of the start of the programme, the cancellation will be subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, sent at the time of booking and available on the website.
  • Participant has tested positive / has symptoms of COVID-19 / been told to isolate by Test and Trace.
    If participant wishes to not transfer their booking or place booking 'on-hold' then: A refund can be granted minus the 25% deposit which will be placed 'on-hold' as a credit to be used against any The Adventure Element Ltd product before 31st October 2022.

Please note: Charges incurred for your cancellation are designed to cover costs The Adventure Element Ltd have incurred for the participant's booking and the potential short time scale for their place to be re-sold. This includes, but not exclusive to, administration, payment/credit card charges, accommodation bookings, staff costs.

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