We're good to go in 2021! Delivering Expeditions, Challenge Events and Activities which are COVID-Secure.

We're Good to Go in 2021!

As an outdoor activity and expedition provider who places safety, health and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do, we have made significant adjustments to our operations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect public health, both in the local area and for customers travelling from other areas. This has been done in compliance with legislation and government guidance.

We have been hard at work redesigning our programmes to ensure we are COVID-Secure in 2021. We want to reassure our participants and staff that we are following government and industry COVID-19 guidelines. 


COVID-SECURE MEASURES - Everyones Responsibilities
  • Lateral Flow Testing (for DofE Expeditions, Residentials and Challenge Events only)
    Lateral flow tests are now readily available and free of charge. We are strongly encouraging all participants and staff to complete a test a maximum of 24 hours before joining their programme. Upload the result to the Government website, at which point you will receive an email and text confirming your results. Based on the result, you should then:

    NEGATIVE RESULT: The text or email should be shown to The Adventure Element member of staff on arrival at your programme venue.
    POSITIVE RESULT: Do not attend your programme and follow current government advice for self-isolating. Contact The Adventure Element to make alternative arrangements. Your booking is protected by our Covid-19 Flexible Booking Policy

    You can access Lateral Flow Testing in one of 2 ways:

    1. Visit your local pharmacy. You will be given a box of 7 tests to carry out at home.
    2. Order your tests online to be delivered within 48 hours: >> Order your Lateral Flow Tests >>

    Note 1: For programmes longer than 3 days (Gold DofE Expeditions and Residentials), please bring a Lateral Flow Test kit with you which you will complete a half way through your programme.
    Note 2: The requirement for a lateral flow test does not apply to one-day outdoor activities (Family and Friends) as you will be based outdoors.
  • All participants and staff will complete an online COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire.
    The questionnaire will be emailed to you 3 days before arrival. Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has been in contact with anyone with symptoms within 14 days of your programme starting will not be allowed to attend and should self-isolate in line with Government advice.

    On arrival at your programme venue, you will be asked to confirm that the details / responses provided by you in the questionnaire are still correct.
  • Test and Trace
    Be aware that personal information may be used by The Adventure Element Ltd to communicate with the Governments Test and Trace system.
  • Use hand sanitiser
    Participants and staff will be requested to bring a minimum of 50ml of hand sanitiser with a minimum of 60% alcohol content.
  • Supply own face covering
    We will all continue to use face covering if in close proximity to each other until government restrictions change to allow us not too. Your face covering should be available to you when social distancing is not possible.
  • Maintain a social distance from staff and other participants
    A 2m distance should be maintained where ever possible from other participants and staff. Where this is not possible the 1m+ rule should be observed. 
  • Reduced numbers on all programmes and mitigation measures in place for large gatherings.
    Programmes and events will follow current government guidance in relation to capacity numbers of participants. At our programme venues, the management of large numbers of participants will be considered to ensure social distancing can be achieved.
  • Sleeping arrangements.
    • No sharing of tents unless from same family group or 'bubble'.
      Open DofE Expeditions and Residentials: Each participant will be allocated their own tent for the expedition. During the day, the participant will carry a portion of their tent (as they would if they had been sharing a tent) and the remainder will be transported safely to the campsite by our staff.
 Following the expedition the tent will be quarantined before being re-used.
      School and Group DofE Expeditions: Participants will be allowed to share tents unless we are advised otherwise by parents or the schools risk assessments. Do let us know in advance if you'd prefer to have an individual tent. We can then ensure enough tents are available.
    • Bunkhouse Accommodation will not be used for sleeping.
      We will still be hiring our usual bunkhouses as a base for the first nights of the programme, but all activities will be based outside in the grounds, including sleeping (in tents).
  • In the event of inclement (very poor) weather.
    The indoor facilities at the bunkhouse may be used during training sessions. In this instance, face coverings, social distancing, side-by-side working and covid-secure hygiene will be enforced.
  • Cooking and Eating
    DofE Expeditions: You will need to bring enough food for the full duration of the expedition programme. Food will be prepared on individual camping stoves provided by us. We have teamed up with basecampfoods.com who have a large selection of meals to choose from and also offer free postage.

    We would highly recommend dried meals for the duration of the programme. They are both easy and convenient and it is possible to eat out of the packaging which can then be disposed of.

    A word of advice: Dried meals are far lighter in weight than Ready to Eat meals. If purchasing for your expeditions food, consider how much weight you are able to carry. You should ideally aim for 1kg of food per day.

    Challenge Events: Food provided by The Adventure Element will be prepared by suppliers with strict COVID-Secure measures in place. All food will be individually wrapped and served by staff wearing appropriate PPE.

Our procedures are under constant review.

We are constantly monitoring the governments guidance and reserve the right to adjust our procedures accordingly. The factors we are monitoring which could effect the manner in which we deliver your programme are:

  • A change in Government restrictions and guidance.
  • Increased Infection levels in the UK.
  • Increased Infection levels in the area of the UK that participants are travelling from.
  • Parental, participant or staff concern about a specific programme. 

We are always open and flexible to our clients requirements. Please contact us to discuss any additional personal measures you'd like in place for your programme.

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