Freelance Leader Engagement

The strength of The Adventure Element Ltd is built on the professionalism, and dedication of our staff team. Each of them are passionate about passing on their knowledge and ensuring our clients receive the very best.

All staff are passionate outdoor enthusiasts and experts in the delivery of outdoor related programmes and expeditions. We are proud to have staff who hold some of the highest qualifications in the outdoor industry and a team who thrive on improving and growing their expertise.

Leader Engagement Process 

If you have the attributes and skills to add to our dynamic and professional team, please begin the engagement process:

1) Complete the online Personal Information Form

If you've all information to hand, this document should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. When you start this application process, please ensure that you have all of your qualifications and certificates ready to upload quickly in PDF or JPEG format.

As a minimum you must upload:

  • Walking Qualification
  • First Aid
  • Evidence of DBS update.

Once completed, your contact information will automatically added to our freelance leader list and you will begin to receive Job Opportunity emails. 

NOTE: At this stage, work is not guaranteed. We will allocate staff based on completion of the Leader Engagement process and their suitability of qualifications and experience for the client.

2) Invitation to interview (Face-to-Face or Online).

Following a review of your application. Potential staff will be invited to a video conversation or a face-to-face meeting with Ben Keen - Managing Director. This will be an informal conversation so we can find out a little more about each other. It is imperative for us to ensure we engage the right staff for our clients, and equally that we are the right company for you.

3) Sign the Leader Agreement

At the start of each calendar year or before the operational season, potential leaders are asked to agree to the terms laid out with the 'Leader Agreement 2021'. The agreement is valid for 1 year. Acceptance of the terms within the agreement are received by email and kept securely with in their personal files with the Adventure Element Ltd.

4) Job Opportunity Emails

Leaders receive regular 'Job Opportunity' emails. The email will outline: the work available, dates, client and the associated pay. From this job list, leaders are able to express their interest for work on particular programmes via email. Priority for these emails initially with staff who have previously worked for The Adventure Element. Following this, the job opportunity email will be shared with our wider Freelance list.  

5) Leader Engaged for Work

Following the leaders interest in a piece of work using the Job Opportunity email, suitable leaders will be contacted with in 72 hours (Monday - Friday).

6) Receive Leader Handbook

The Leader Handbook has all documents and processes relevant to a Leaders employment. Includes; Risk Assessments, Operating Procedures, Emergency procedures, Safeguarding Procedures.

Leaders will acknowledge receipt of the handbook and confirm their understanding of the contents.

7) Schedule of Work

Staff engaged for work will receive a 'Schedule of Work' prior to the start off the programme (usually 6-weeks before commencement). This will outlined further detail the roles and duties required from the leader, locations, dates, times and payment for services. Staff should reply via email to accept the terms outlined.

8) Leaders Briefing

2-weeks prior to the start of the programme staff will receive a 'Leader Briefing' email or phone call. This will highlight any changes to the programme and any specific information required by the leader to deliver the programme.

9) Invoices

The leader will provide an invoice for their services outlining the work carried out including dates. These invoices will be paid where ever possible, but not exclusively, with in 48 hours. Where leaders are required to complete Post Expedition Reports, these are to be received with in 14 days. Invoices will be paid on receipt. 


Leader Day Rate: £120 - £150

Half Day Rate: £70

Evening Rate: £20 (when also employed for the day)

Overnight Supervision Rate: £45 (includes evening rate)

Travel Expenses (not available on all jobs): 45p per mile (after the first 20 miles of each day) up to a total limit of £100.


  • Leaders pay will be detailed on the Schedule of Work sent once appointed for a piece of work.
  • Programme Coordinator day rates are variable based on the programme. The rate will be discussed with the individual.
  • Certain challenge events and specialist development days have variable day rates based on the length of the day worked and/or the level of responsibility undertaken.

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