Why visit Tanzania?

Just south of the equator, Tanzania has a range of beautiful and spectacular landscapes, from its deserted Indian Ocean beaches (and the romantic 'spice island' of Zanzibar) to the highest peak on the continent, snow-capped Kilimanjaro (5895m)

It also has some of the world's best wildlife viewing in reserve areas such as the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti and the Tarangire National Park. Wildlife abounds in these places, with opportunities to spot many of the most important African big game species.

Tanzania is one of the most popular destinations in Africa, and for very good reason.

Home to 'the Big Five', a BIG mountain and a whole host of big experiences.

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Kilimanjaro Participant

The many routes to the 'Roof of Africa'.

Kilimanjaro routes

Group trekking with Kilimanjaro in the background.
View of Kilimanjaro.
Group of trekkers standing on the summit of Kilimanjaro.
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