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Climb the Mine

A unique underground adventure inside the caverns of Honister Slate mine.


Climb the Mine overview

Take a unique underground adventure inside the caverns of Honister slate mine. Similar to a Via Ferrata Xtreme you will climb the walls, scale bridges and tackle ladders in this subterranean world. An adrenaline filled adventure climbing / scrambling system that uses a permanently fixed cable for safety and protection up the rock face. This is the perfect activity regardless of weather.

Who is Climb the Mine for?

For those looking for a challenge. Being inside the mine means it's a perfect option when the weather is not so great. For families with younger children, Climb the Mine means you can share in an activity together. 

Climb the Mine is also be a superb option for small groups and school parties as part of a larger activity programme.

DURATION: Upto 3 Hours. 09:30 - 12:30 or 13:30 - 16:30
YOUNGEST AGE: Minimum 10 years (atleast 1.4m tall)
INCLUDED: Harness, Helmet and all technical gear
YOU'LL NEED: Warm outdoor clothes, trainers or boots, wet weather gear

COST: £40 per person (inc.VAT)
Min. CHARGE £160 for up to 4 people (inc. VAT)
discounts may apply for larger groups. 
For smaller numbers, please conatct us.

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