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Discover Rock Climbing

rock-climbing-adult.jpgYou may already be confident with climbing movement and belay techniques so this course will focus on being able to select suitable climbing routes from guidebooks, selecting anchors and construction and other skills to help you enjoy the outdoor climbing environment. Your instructor will leave you with a plan of what and where to go next to continue your journey in to the sport.

Who is the Discover Rock Climbing skills course for?

This course is ideal for those wanting to be introduced to the exciting world of climbing but not sure
of the HOW, WHERE or WHAT about the sport.

Duration: 2 - Day
What’s Provided: Harness and helmet and all technical equipment
Course Content: Belay techniques, personal climbing techniques, Anchor selection and
construction, problem solving, personal abseiling.

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Lead Climbing Skills

Lead ClimbingPlacing protection, rope management, rope techniques may baffle you at the moment but following this course all will become clear. Leader placed protection is a vital skill in the development of the climber. Under the supervision of your instructor you will be able to safely develop the skills and confidence to move your climbing on to the next level and to be able to climb “on the sharp end” on some the UK’s finest crags.

Who is the Lead Climbing skills course for?

For climbers who have already had some outdoor climbing experience on single pitch crags and /
or have been a second on some larger climbs.

Duration: 2 - Days
What’s Provided: Harness and helmet and all technical equipment
Course Content: Develop strategies essential for lead climbing, discover the finer art of stance management, rope techniques and simple self-rescue skills. By the end of the course you will be confident in your skills and be a self sufficient lead climber.

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Multi Pitch Climbing

Multi PitchFurther develop your multi pitch climbing techniques to become slicker, climb harder and learn the tricks of the trade. This course will have you on the sharp end of the rope, under the watchful eye of an expert instructor. Your confidence will be boosted beyond your expectations and you will leave with a box of new tools and techniques to help develop your climbing career.

Who is the Multi Pitch Climbing skills course for?

This is not a beginner’s course. You should already be able to climb multi pitch “trad” routes and
have a good understanding of lead climbing.

Duration: Your choice
What's Provided: Harness and helmet and all technical equipment
Course Content: Tricks of the trade, Stance management, Self rescue in a multi pitch environment.

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Self Rescue for Climbers

Self RescueWhat do you do when it all gets a bit too much or you get in to a tricky situation? This course offers you the chance to learn and practice the core skills and techniques to get you out of a jam when it’s needed. Develop basic rescue systems for lowering or hoisting an injured or tired climber and learn how to escape the system and make a hasty retreat.

Who is the Self Rescue for Climbers skills course for?

All climbers!! This is the course that everyone in the climbing world should attend. You never know
when you may need these skills.

Duration: 1 - Day
What’s Provided: Harness and helmet and all technical equipment
Course Content: Rescue techniques, lowering and hoisting, escaping the system in a multi
pitch environment.

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