Inspirational adventure challenge events for you, your business or charity.

Achieve something incredible whilst make lasting memories. Believe in your own abilities and be inspirational

Whatever your interests, motivations or group size, we are specialists in designing and delivering professional adventure challenge events.

You may have tiny idea of what you'd like designing but don't know how to bring it to life. This is where our expertise steps in. We've worked with hundreds of participants, companies and charities to create:

  • Fund-raising challenges
  • Experiences to strengthen teams
  • Life changing experiences

With a passion of adventure, delve in to our knowledge to be part of something exceptional.

Bespoke Event or Charity Challenge Event?

We are experts in designing and delivering Bespoke Challenges exclusively for you and your group. Not every client is the same, so our consultation process means you'll get exactly the event you want.

Alternatively, take advantage of joining one of our Charity Challenges designed and delivered on behalf of one of our charity partners and help them to raise some essential funds.

Feeling inspired?

Already have a team ready for adventure?

Join our charity partners and raise funds for good causes.

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Need some Advice or Inspiration?

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Preparing your Adventure Triathlon Transition Bag

Preparing your Adventure Triathlon Transition Bag

When taking on one of our Adventure Triathlon events like Race the Sun, or Pedal, Paddle, Peak, that combines 3 phases of cycling, hiking and canoeing, the time spent in ‘transition’ are key to helping prepare and maintain your comfort in the next phase of the event. When it comes to FAQs, ‘Prepping a Transition Bag’ is one of our most asked questions.

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10 Steps to help you prepare for your next challenge event.

10 Steps to help you prepare for your next challenge event.

Would you get off the sofa and try to run a marathon without any training? No?! With a good base level of fitness, endurance and cardiovascular training, the challenge will still be hard, but the enjoyment levels will be higher and you’ll minimise the risk of injury.

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