Summer Mountain Leader

MIAS Mountain Bike Leader

DofE Assessor

Outdoor First Aid


How did your career in the outdoors start?

I'm very new to the outdoor industry. Having been a secondary school teacher for 21 years, I only recently took the jump to move into this line of work. That's not to say I'm new to the outdoors.

As a child, I was always outside. My parents weren't the type that wrapped me in cotton wool. This allowed me to have small 'adventures' close to home and my love for this drove my desire to be outside, enjoying what nature has to offer. A feeling that has never dwindled.

Throughout my teaching career, I was involved in supporting and leading the DofE awards in schools. This allowed me to share my enjoyment with others and, when the opportunity came to move into the industry full time, I grabbed it and here I am.

What's been your most memorable outdoor experience?

This is always a tricky one to answer. However, the one experience that springs to mind every time I think on this question is a time a few years ago on Suilven in Assynt, Scotland.

On an early evening climb in the summer, I reached the narrow col between the 2 summits and poked my head over (yes, it's that narrow!). What I saw in front of me actually made me audibly gasp. The start of sunset and the watery landscape below, stretching to the horizon. 

A sight I cannot forget.

What's your one piece of 'can't do without' kit?

That's easy. A gilet.

I always get really hot when walking and a jacket is usually too much. A decent gilet fits the bill perfectly!

Plus, it can be a pillow if needed.

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