How to fit a rucksack correctly

Ever wondered why your rucksack feels so heavy and uncomfortable? Having a correctly fitted rucksack can seriously improve your comfort levels and your overall enjoyment whilst on a DofE expedition or any type of journey. 

For anyone joining one of our DofE expeditions, our instructors will help you adjust your rucksack to suit your body. However, there are adjustments you make at home to ensure the rucksack is as comfortable as possible on your back.

In this 5-Minute Quick we are going to look at the key adjustments you'll want to make to ensure a comfortable fitting rucksack.

These are:

  • Measuring your torso length.
  • Lifting and putting the rucksack on.
  • Adjusting the waist belt.
  • Adjusting the shoulder straps.
  • Making the rucksack as vertical as possible and ensuring the weight is over your hips.
  • The sternum strap.
  • Taking the rucksack off.

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