How to keep to your kit dry on a DofE expedition

Wet clothing on a DofE Expedition could really ruin your experience.

Arriving in camp and finding everything is wet, could really ruin your DofE expedition experience. Spend time to take care of your equipment, ensure all important items and clothing are protected from any rain and have a far more comfortable expedition.

So let's look at how you can protect your DofE expedition clothing and equipment from the rain and bad weather.

Some Do's:

  • Do take time to prepare your clothes and kit from the weather.
  • Do use a method which is robust and will not leak. Rubble bags are a great, cheap solution.
  • Do use strong bags which will not rip, or spend some cash and buy dry bags.
  • Do separate your kit in to different waterproof bags. This will help you to find what you need in your rucksack.
  • Do take particular care over your sleeping bag and any clothes you might sleep in. You will be thankful after a long day out walking to have at least one set of dry clothes to sleep in.

Some Do Not's:

  • Do not think a bin liner is strong enough, it is not!
  • Do not assume your rucksack is waterproof, it is not!
  • Do not rely on the rucksack rain cover to keep everything dry, it will not!
  • Do not think the weather will be OK and will stay dry. It will likely not!

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