What Equipment is Provided on our DofE Expeditions?

We recognise how expensive some kit can be when you're having to buy it for your DofE expedition. To reduce your costs, we will supply all of the group equipment.

The equipment we use is modern and up to date and selected based on it's appropriate use for DofE teams. All the equipment we supply is included in your programme costs to help minimise any additional expense to you.

Each team whether from a school, group or individual participant on an Open expedition has access to our kit. 

Equipment available for your use is:

  • Modern Tents designed for DofE groups.
  • Gas fuelled Stoves. We also include all of the gas.
  • 2 x Laminated Maps
  • 2 x Compasses
  • 2 x Map Cases 
  • Group First Aid Kit
  • Trowel and Toilet Bag (Gold Teams only)
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Coloured Rucksack Covers
  • GSM Trackers used on all teams

A Leading DofE Expedition Provider.

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