• Winter Mountain Leader 
  • Summer Mountain Leader
  • Rock Climbing Instructor
  • Climbing Wall Development Instructor
  • MBLA Trail Cycle Leader
  • BCU Level 1 Coach
  • DofE Assessor
  • Advanced Outdoor First Aid

How did your career in the outdoors start?

My introduction to the outdoors, aside from country walks with my family as a child, was through Scouting. I gained my permits for taking young people in to the mountains in my early twenties but a change in career beckoned and it was time to convert them to commercial qualifications and earn a living from work that I love. Scouting and DofE work hand in hand, and passing on those skills to young people is a joy. I've been leading expeditions abroad for over ten years now, with both adult and youth groups. It's a pleasure to introduce clients to other cultures, climates and views!

Most memorable outdoor experience?

I love being away from the crowds in beautiful places. Trekking in the remote Tian Shan mountians last year was such a treat. The views were mind blowing and we only saw a handful of people all week, most of them locals out tending their horses.

I was privileged to go on an expedition completely away from it all back in 2013 with just two friends, to an unexplored valley in the heart of the Indian Himalaya. Two years in planning led us to successfully summit a mountain we named Cha Ri. Being on a peak where you know no-one has ever stepped before, and looking at the myriad of surrounding peaks all waiting to be explored was really very special. 

What's your one piece of "can't-do-without" kit?

My flask!! I have always preferred hot drinks to cold, so I ALWAYS have a thermal mug or flask with me, regardless of the temperature. Sometimes it contains Vimto or Green Tea, but more oftent han not, it's strong black coffee. It's my daily daytime treat, and one I look forward to no matter where I am or what I'm doing!

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