Inspiring DofE Gold Residential experiences.

A DofE Gold Residential entails taking part in a 5-day shared activity or specific course with people you don’t know, in a residential setting away from home and in an unfamiliar environment.

"I had a great time on my Gold residential and met some amazing people, the instructors were helpful and kind without being too controlling and overbearing. There was a great sense of independence while also knowing someone was always available if need be".

Helen Rose - DofE Residential Participant

Broadening your interests and experiences and try something new.

Share experiences together and creates friendships and memories for life. 
Your DofE residential programme will fulfil the requirements of the DofE Gold award, but they are open to any young person aged 16 - 25 years old.

DofE Residential programmes that have your enjoyment and learning at their heart.
Expertly trained, warm and friendly staff will welcome you to the programme and work with you and the group all week. You will make friends quickly, form a strong team and ultimately have a new family around you who you'll not want to leave at the end of the week.

NOTE: You do not need to be completing your DofE to take part in one of our residential programmes. Our residential programmes are open to all young people.

Meeting the DofE Gold Residential Requirements.

4 people in canoes smiling and having fun on the lake.
Girl climbing a rope net on the Via Ferrata at Honister Slate Mine.
Young boy and an instructor enjoying climbing.
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