• Mountain Leader Summer
  • DofE Assessor
  • Level 2 Cycle & Mtb Coach & L2 Mtb Guide
  • BCU L1 Coach
  • 3* Sea (4* Sea trained)
  • First Aid

How did your career in the outdoors start?

Being brought up in a very active outdoorsy family I started the enjoyment and passion for all things outdoors. Walking, cycling and camping were the main interests which later led to many years spent mountain biking and sea kayaking. After many years spent in more traditional corporate industry roles the call of the wild proved too strong, whilst living in Snowdonia, voluntary work with local clubs soon paved the way for further qualifications and my outdoor career started almost without me realising!

What's been your most memorable outdoor experience?

The one true experience that I would like to share was during a mountain bike trip to Morocco. My first real experience of a different culture and a massive sensory overload, a self organised trip with 5 friends, with an idea of a route across the High Atlas mountains and no definite overnight accommodation all added to the adventure. Arriving in a remote Berber village early evening (only accessed on foot or by bike!) with all the local children excited to see these strangers, the locals took us in, prepared food for us and whilst we ate we listened to all the local women and children sing and chant. A truly magical and priceless experience!

What's your one piece of 'can't do without' kit?

I think that's got to be a jacket! When planning a trip and which kit is going to go, I think more time gets spent wondering which of many that I own is 'The One' best suited for this particular trip (and which get left behind!) I'm still searching for the perfect one!

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