• ICOPro Instructor 
  • SSS Ski Instructor 
  • Summer Mountain Leader
  • SPA
  • DofE Assessor
  • John Muir Award Leader

How did your career in the outdoors start?

I've always been keen to get out and explore from an early age. I grew up in a fairly rural community so always had places to see and explore nearby. 

I attended a college course for a few years that set me on the path to developing my outdoor skills and gaining more coaching qualifications. I took a brief hiatus from the course as I wasn't sure if it was definitely for me so I went to work in the industry for a season. I loved it so went back and finished my college course. I've been here ever since!

Getting to work a variety of UK venues with the odd European trip thrown in here and there.

What's been your most memorable outdoor experience?

Oh theres a few on the list! My first true love is probably skiing, I've been loving ski touring more and more these last few years. My best ski probably comes from 2010 when we hiked up the Pointe de Vorlaz in Avoriaz and rode down what is locally know as "The Pepsi Max" pure untouched powder for kilometres. Unreal. 

I also love canyoning and one of the best things I ever done was my ICOPro entry test. Getting to explore new canyons and really test my skills and experience in that environment.

What's your one piece of 'can't do without kit'?

Interestingly enough the one piece of kit I can't do without is my orange Volkswagen T4. It carries all my adventure kit needs! Most of which are orange too!

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