• Summer Mountain Leader
  • Rock Climbing Instructor
  • BCU Level 2 Canoe Coach
  • BCU Level 2 Kayak Coach
  • British Cycling Mountain Mountain Bike Leader
  • Level 2 Cycle Mechanic 
  • DofE Assessor
  • RYA Powerboat Instructor
  • RYA Dinghy Instructor
  • RYA Windsurf Instructor
  • Expedition Care Level 2, Exploration First Aid

How did your career in the outdoors start?

As the son of a PE teacher and an Outdoor Instructor I was destined to develop a love for being outside and active. 

On leaving school the ‘summer job’ I took as a climbing instructor never really stopped, it turned into an apprenticeship then a traineeship and it just continued to snowball and get more exciting. I’ve basically had my ‘summer job’ for over 15years it’s taken me all over the world, given me some truly incredible adventures, injuries and friends. 

What's been your most memorable outdoor experience?

Kayaking the White Nile in Uganda was truly unforgettable. Before the hydroelectric station was built the full force of the Nile used to flow out of lake Victoria and after a series of rapids it was squeezed through a small channel creating some intense rapids with unbelievable power. 

The rapid consists of 5 gigantic waves which completely dwarfed me in my small orange play boat.

Punching through the final wave and seeing my best mates grin mirroring mine will stay with me forever. 

What's your one piece of 'can't do without' kit?

A small gas stove and a cafetiere. Whilst a lot of the places I’ve visited in the world are famous for producing coffee, it’s surprisingly hard to get a cup of the good stuff first thing in the morning so I don’t leave anything to chance. 

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